"My Heart Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself,
So I'm Gonna Let It Do All The Talkin"
Katie Tunstall

Images From the Heart

“From cityscapes to rare portraiture, from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern, from the grand monuments of time to the subtle beauty of the prosaic, Bob Kolb’s photographs traverse continental boundaries to capture the faces and the architecture of diverse cultures. Elegant and often breathtaking, Mr. Kolb’s studies reflect shadows and colors, which are illuminated by exquisite light. Ultimately, Mr. Kolb’s photos are concerned with a certain beauty--dramatic lighting, vibrant colors, textural resonance--which shines through in his body of work.

Mr. Kolb’s luxuriant colors and ardent luminosity radiate an aura of timelessness, as though the images were not of objects or people but rather of memories, vivid and enduring. His compositions are quite intimate, with great attention paid to the abstract forms of his compositions. Through an accomplished depth of perception, Mr. Kolb’s lens highlights the world around him, providing a unique interpretive realm. His elegant abstract figures invite us to an enchanted world whose figures are suspended in both time and space. Subtle and elusive, Mr. Kolb weaves color, texture, and nuance. In his poetic visual narratives Mr. Kolb’s eye immortalizes people, places, and objects into an eternal place, exquisitely offering us an untarnished view of his world.”

Art Aquisitor